Definition Of A Hero Essay

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When someone asks you who do you look up too, who comes to your mind? Maybe you think of Superman or Martin Luther King Junior. Or possibly your dad. All of these people could be considered heroes. Sure they are all very different, but that’s what makes them special. A hero is not only someone who saves lives or gets recognized, they can be an average person with a normal life. A hero is a good person at heart. They may not always do or say the right thing, but they try. A hero is not always the smartest or strongest person. But that doesn’t faze them. They don’t try to live up to other people's expectations. They know that they mean something and if other people don’t see that it’s too bad. If you look up the word hero you get this exceedingly large list of expectations on how a hero should be. That list forgot to mention that a hero may be an average person who lives just like you and me. That list makes it sound like only people who get awards or recognized can be heros, and that’s not true. My hero is a man that is loving and protective. He has great work habits and the best sense of humor. His name is Connor Patten. I look up to him because he has goals and likes to persevere. If something puzzles him he likes to figure out how to solve it, and if one method doesn’t work he tries another. On…show more content…
They come in all shapes and sizes. They are someone who you look up to. Someone who you strive to be like. They are kind hearted people who try to do the best they can. Heroes are helpful and brave. They may be admired by everyone or just one person but that doesn’t matter because they didn’t try to even be admired at all. Instead of working for fame a hero works only doing what they feel is right. They don’t let bitter comments bring them down instead, they just work on improving themselves. Heroes are very caring people who will do anything to help a person in need. They stand up for what is right even if no one else is standing with
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