Definition Of Self Regulation Assignment

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Self-regulation Assignment Manjunath Bhat McMaster University Under the principle of universality, the standardization of nursing care across the country is important to maintain inter-professional equality and compatibility. This can be achieved by regulating nursing practice through inter-professional collaboration, communication, professional conduct, accountability and mutual respect (Benton, González-Jurado & Beneit-Montesinos, 2013). Self regulation assignment is a tool developed by College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) to promote safe, competent and ethical nursing care in Ontario. It will assist nurses with professional practice and help them understand the expectation of entry level practice. It will also ensure that nurses are able to demonstrate the competencies through Quality Assurance (QA) program (Colleges of Nurses of Ontario, 2014a). The College regulates the nursing practice through the quality assurance program which has two parts: self assessment and practice assessment. The purpose of self assessment is to identify learning needs and develop a learning plan using ‘SMART’ goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reliable and Time bound) to meet those learning needs. Through the practice assessment, CNO regulates the nursing practice by selecting few nurses to participate in the assessment every year.
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