Definition Of The Word Love

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In my culture I do believe there are differences in the way we communicate because of gender. For instance, as a little girl I played with Barbie dolls and play house, which promoted personal relationships. Boys, on the other hand played cops and robbers, or cowboys and Indians, which promoted violence. In my opinion and experiences with the opposite sex, communication is at times a very difficult thing. For example, I have been dealing with my son’s father for over six years now and no matter what I tell him he will turn everything around and make it about himself or just not even hear a word I have said. It’s as if he does not listen to anything I say or he just interprets it how he wants. I realize not all men are alike. Most men are more literal and simple minded. A lot of times they will be straight to the point and not go into details as most women would.
My interpretation of the concept of the word love, would be described differently when you are talking about the love of a relative vs. the love of a spouse/boyfriend. Love is never ending and always true, even when you don’t want to love them, like when it has to do with a family member. On the other hand, when you are talking about someone you are dating or married to, then to me that kind of love is not the same. People that are not family, are in our lives for a certain time, and then that love changes or no longer exists. For some people it just fades away, and for others it turns into hate. I have never been

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