Deloitte And Touche Case Study Essay

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Deloitte and Touche Case Study:
In this analysis/essay, I will critically evaluate a given case study based on organisational wellness. First I will highlight four critical success factors of a wellness program and thereafter I will link those success factors to employees suffering from burnout and exhaustion in the South African retail industry and how they can be adopted to improve both burnout and exhaustion. Finally, the analysis/essay will be concluded by summarizing the key findings of the case study.

Based on the content covered in the organisational wellness case study on Deloitte and Touche, it is clear that organisational wellness is an integral part of an organisation’s success and survival within a particular market …show more content…

This helped Deloitte gain useful knowledge as they gained the necessary data to understand that their employees wanted resources to support and enhance their well-being. Deloitte thereafter started providing more learning opportunities to their employees by developing workshops which address matters concerning fatigue and offered teachings on how to enhance performances through energy management (Corporate Wellness Magazine, n.d.). This ultimately goes to show that having the right analytical tools in place and collecting the correct data from these tools will ensure you know exactly what it is your employees want/need and you can thereafter make the necessary adjustments to ensure that each and every employee is satisfied in that regard. This, as a result, will create a psychologically healthy workplace where employees can perform to the best of their abilities, enhance their performances and effectively manage their energy (Grawitch, Trares & Kohler, 2007).

3) Employee and Leadership buy-in:
Ensuring that both employees and leaders buy into the wellness initiative is imperative and their participation in the program is key to the program’s overall success (Advanced Plan for Health, n.d.). In terms of the case study provided, over 3000 professionals- a figure which wants to be doubled by the end of 2017- within Deloitte have already participated in the pilot program. According to Jen Fisher, the pilot

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