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Operations Management Introduction The ability of a company to satisfy its customers’ stated or implied needs has a great impact on its profitability. The quality of the process implemented in the organization is the key factor for customer’s satisfaction as it is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service. Naturally, a firm will always search for a more efficient process in order to satisfy a greater number of needs and gain more reputation. That was the main goal of Delwarca Software Remote Support Unit, a firm that provides supply chain management software globally to large, sophisticated corporate clients that choose to assemble their systems from various software programs. Jack McKinnon is the manager…show more content…
In regard to the holding time displayed in the buffers, we found those values in the table from Exhibit 2 where it says “On hold...“ and allocated the specific times to the respective buffers. Finally, we added the operator in the beginning of the flowchart which takes one minute to identify the corporate customer account. Furthermore, for the creation of our flowchart, we had to add the percentage of calls resolved by Associate and Senior Associate which can be seen in Exhibit 3. The values we considered were those referring to the Pre-Rapid ID process and were collocated in their respective path. To conclude, as a legend, we collocated under the flowchart the unit of analysis (one call) and the flow rate (174,1) according to the average number of calls arriving to Delwarca expressed in Exhibit 1. 4 Group 10 Rapid ID: Operations Management Unit of analysis: One call Flow rate: 188,0 calls per day 5 Group 10 Operations Management In the construction of this flowchart, we proceed in the same way as in the Pre-rapid Process. However, in this one, the operator will first send the call to a Director Associate who will first determine if the problem should be directed to an Associate or a Senior Associate to resolve the problem, depending on its level of complexity. Nevertheless, the customer can still request a specific Senior Associate when talking to the operator and the call can still be

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