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BSBRSK501B Manage Risk Formative Assessments Activity 5 (1). SWOT Analysis Strength 1.Australian chain of upscale mid to high range departmental store 2.Myer has stores in all Australian states and the Australian Capital Territory 3.Variety of brands in affordable price gives consumer a lot of choices 4. Strong brand presence and reputation in Australia 5. Customer-focused service Weakness 1. Undeveloped distribution channel which serves only in some locations in Australia 2.Retail area prices are increasing still it has inadequate usage of area in showroom 3.Target consumers are present only in Australia and no global presence Opportunity 1.Foreign players are dominating retail sector so opportunity to tie up with these players…show more content…
Each flowchart step is placed in the “Lane” for the group responsible for completing the task (Marketing, Sales, HR, etc.). Swimlanes are typically formatted horizontally or vertically. The starting point is the top-left corner of the chart. Swimlanes can be difficult to design if you have multiple concepts that have to travel back and forth between departments. This will lead to muddled charts. 2. Time at Risk (TaR) is a time-based risk measure designed for corporate finance practice. TaR represents certain quantile for a given probability distribution, so is similar to Value at Risk (VaR). Kane could be mistakly estimated the distance or abnormal situation happen to affect the time/way to home. 3. 4. Activity 12 Check with local water authorities to comply with boat rental requirements. Some states require you to hire a certified boat captain, while others allow you to rent to clients at their own risk. Find out what your state requires and take the steps to comply before moving forward. Decide what types of boats you will rent. Everything from a massive yacht to a tiny canoe hits the water during peak season. Take into account where your business will be based. If you are running it from a river outlet, a large yacht charter will not be possible, but canoes and rowboats will work. If you are running an ocean-based business, very few boat types are off-limits. Once you know where you will keep

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