Dementia: How to Help a Loved One Essay

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Dementia has caused challenges and heartache for many families I have met. A loved one who no longer recognizes you could be difficult to cope with. I have had clients who do not know their own children and are unaware of their surroundings. Even though they have lived in the same home for over 30 years; it is now a strange new place to explore. Closets, bedrooms, and garages that were once frequented are now entered with caution and wonder. Everyday items are puzzles just waiting to be solved. As the disease progresses the harder it is to grasp the present. The past, like an old friend, beckons and comes to life bringing former friends and relatives of long ago, to the surface. Stories of days gone by are repeated and relived over and …show more content…

Vascular dementia is damage to the blood supply to different areas of the brain. What was known has arteriosclerotic in Alzheimer’s is now classified as Vascular dementia. This type of dementia is quite common and occupied by mini-stokes. Vascular dementia affects the blood flow to the brain causing severe damage and memory lapses. Blockages, with resultant tissue death in the area supplied by the vessel, had previously been thought to be the second most frequent cause (2002, Elsevier Science). Lewy bodies are microscopic intracellular abnormalities seen in the brain stem structures of patients with Parkinson's disease, but are also found distributed diffusely throughout the cortex and subcortex when associated with dementia (2002, Elsevier Science). This disease cause’s nerve cell death and tissue loss throughout the brain. Over time, the brain shrinks dramatically, affecting nearly all its functions (2013, Families need to learn signs and be diligent A disease of the brain that causes long-term memory-loss marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning can cause challenges to family members. Studies have shown dementia can cause depression, irritability, and sleep changes. Mood swings are just one of many of the symptom’s a loved one has to deal with. Many dementia suffers’ also have paranoia, sleeplessness, and wandering. Sun downing, occurs in the evening,

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