Dems Efforts To Oust Damsi Case Study

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Dems Efforts to Oust Pelosi? Democratic efforts to win a seat at a table have failed tremendously. For the last year and a half, democrats failed to win majority votes around the country, leaving open special election areas up for crabs. Now, after a year of detrimental losses, democrats are pointing the finger at their leader, Nancy Pelosi. Demanding a change immediately to effectively and efficiently win back power on the Hill. As Neera Tanden tweeted, “One important lesson is that when they go low, going high doesn’t f*cking work”. One of the main perpetrators is representative Tim Ryan. He appears to be the lead on project dismiss Pelosi and is attempting to convey their need for a party face lift, no pun intended. Kathleen Rice, …show more content…

Further, she swayed her party to stand with reformed marijuana laws nationally. On paper, Pelosi is the epitome of democratic core values: for the people. However, at the ripe age of 77, she is now considered disconnected, traditional and a conservative democratic. The unfortunate thing is republicans know this and would prefer Pelosi continue as the minority leader for their advantage. Moreso, after the loss of special elections in Atlanta, GA this past Tuesday, it is even more pertinent to agree with the need of change in the democratic party. Jon Ossoff narrowly loss to Republican candidate by 3 percent which many blamed on the unrelatable Pelosi. Some went on to express their disappointment at lack of African American voter turnout. This loss especially burned (bridges) because it was the most expensive campaign carried out for a representative candidate. Desperate, much? Exactly the current state of the democratic party. The main focus is next year’s midterm elections, which, if won across the board, will create a levelled playing field on the hill for the desperate democrats. However, for such victors, a change must occur. If that change can not commence with the removal of Pelosi, then the democratic campaign rhetoric must be reformed. As representatives complained about the direction of their leadership, Ryan narrowed down what his party should focus on. He argues his party has to focus on economic issues and social

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