Dengue Is A Viral Disease

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Dengue is a viral disease that at present affects a enormous number of people in over 125 countries and is conscientious for a sizable number of deaths. There is no antiviral chemotherapy or vaccine for dengue virus and management of the disease is done on supportive measures, so various treatments are being investigated. Studies have indicated that the juice of the leaves of the Carica papaya plant from the family Caricaceae could help to increase the platelet levels in these patients. This review explains some of the published studies on this topic. Although many of the studies and case reports published in literature lack adequate information, some of the studies do raise the possibility that this treatment could be an important option in the future. Further largescale studies could establish the usefulness or ineffectiveness of this natural product in the treatment of dengue.
Keywords: Dengue, carica papaya, antiviral chemotherapy, case reports,
Dengue is an sensitive viral disease with latent mortal complications. Dengue fever was primarily referred as “water poison” related with flying insects in a Chinese medical encyclopedia. In recent decades, Dengue is the most significant emerging viral disease in humans. It turn out to be a most important global public health concern. Dengue is prominent in tropical and subtropical regions around the world, mostly in urban and semiurban area. Dengue viruses (DV) belong to family Flaviviridae of which four serotypes

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