Density Investigation

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Are these Objects Made of the Same Material?
Every substance has its own unique density due to all of the atoms mass, size, and arrangement being different for each atom. Density is the relationship between two characteristics of matter which are mass and the occupied space. Density is a characteristic property, meaning the density of a substance will stay the same. In an investigation the objects densities would be calculated to determine whether the objects are made of the same material. The objects are all different colors, sizes, textures and shapes. In order to find density, the mass and volume would need to be calculated.
In order to calculate the density of an object two things must be calculated the mass and volume of the object. …show more content…

The blue object has a density of 1.19g/cm3, while the black object has a density of 1.41g/cm3, and the clear object has a density of 1.04g/cm3. Although the density difference is in the tenths it still is a difference in the densities. For example, the difference in the density of neon versus sodium is 0.03 which is a small difference and because of the different densities the two substances are completely different. The measurement of the volume in mL could have been better if the 10mL graduated cylinder was used in place of the 50 mL. The calipers and graduated cylinder only measures to the tenths which does not give as precise measurements as the balance. The human error causes the non-identical cm3 to mL measurement of the same objects causing a slight difference in the densities of the same object. When comparing my data to another group doing the same experiment I found a possible miscalculation of volume in mL for the clear object in my own experiment. Aside from the possible miscalculation, the volume measured in the other group was to the ones place of a number while our group measured to the tenths place. Since the top loader balance the other group used was different, the masses were also different in the hundredths. They also stated that the objects are made of the same material which according to their data is not

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