Department Of Social Work : A State, Polity, Economy And Governance

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DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WORK UNIVERSITY OF DELHI NAME-SABYASACHI M.A. 1st YEAR ASSIGNMENT- SUBJECT-STATE, POLITY, ECONOMY AND GOVERNANCE INTRODUCTION :- A state is a form of political association, and political association is itself only one form of human association.. Human beings relate to one another, however, not only in associations but also in other collective arrangements, such as families, neighborhoods, cities, religions, cultures, societies, and nations. Other associations range from clubs to business enterprises to churches The state is not the only form of political association. Other examples of political associations include townships, counties, provinces, territories, confederations, international organizations such as the UN and supranational organizations such as the EU.A state arises out of society, but it does not contain or subsume society.The state is a modern political construction that emerged in early modern Europe but has been replicated in all other parts of the world. To define state in simple terms is not an easy thing.This is no easy matter for various reasons. First, the state is a form of association with a shared history, so the concept of state has been emerged and evolved after a long and gradual process and hence it cannot be readily captured in an instant.Secondly, not all the entities that claim to be, or are recognized as, states are the same kinds of entity, since they vary in size, power, political
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