Depression And Suicide Research Paper Outline

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Damien Laliberte: Depression and Suicide in Teens and Young Adults

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Research Topic:
Teenage Mental Illness

Working Thesis:
Mentally ill students have a lack of support and education to cope with their diseases resulting in higher stress levels, suicide rates, and lower grades that should not go unaddressed.

MLA Citation:
“Damien Laliberte: Depression and Suicide in Teens and Young Adults (TedX Ted Talk in Red Deer).” YouTube, uploaded by Damien Laliberte, 4 Feb. 2017,

Direct Quotation 1:
“Both the diagnosis and the treatment of mental illness are guesses they’re very well-educated
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Direct Quotation 2: “Institutions like schools will never be able to play good honest real discourse on this material and I understand that because they’re hamstringed. They’ve got to answer to committees and teachers and parents… and nonprofits sadly aren’t doing that much better themselves. Good content is not going to come out of this system” (Laliberte).

Paraphrase or Response to Quote 2:
I disagree with Laliberte here because institutions and nonprofits have the biggest amount of power and trust, when it comes to educating the public so there needs to be a shift to allow more open channels of communication.
Summary of Article
Teenagers do not have the right resources available to cope with a mental illness. There are not enough opportunities to have a conversation on mental health whether it be with a parent or counselor. Mental health awareness is misconstrued as real progress in addressing the problem. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders changes very often, so there is no real authority on the diagnosis of a mental
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If so, how?
This source is a TED Talk on teenage mental illness by Damien Laliberte who suffers from bipolar disorder and is a mental health activist. Though the lecturer does suffer from a mental illness himself, he supports everything he says with sound logic, facts, and steers clear from using any type of emotional appeal to persuade his audience to agree with him. In addition, the purpose of this lecture was to give the public reliable information on how the problem mental illness and suicide in teens and young adults should be tackled.

How can I incorporate this information into my speech? Where might I use it? (Introduction, Background information, Thought-provoking conclusion)

This lecture provided me with reliable information about how teenage and young adult mental illness and depression should addressed, put how a mental illness is diagnosed into context for me, and reaffirmed how needed further mental health education is in schools. I can see myself using the information in the background information or in a body paragraph so the reader can understand how teenage mental illness has become such a problem.

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