Description Of The Client : Age Or Sex? Essay

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Student: Joseph Bogle Date: 11/21/16 Clinical Instructor: Lorena Fluentes Client’s Initials: K.K. Unit: Locked Current Legal Status (Vol, 5150, 5250, 30 days, T-Con, LPS-Conservatorship): 5150 Psychiatric Diagnosis: 1. Description of the client: Age? Sex? Ethnicity? Marital Status? What precipitated hospitalization? Number of days in the hospital? Mental Status, etc. Client is an 48y/o African American male. He was recently divorced, and has been admitted DTS for psychosis and suicidal ideation. He is oriented x3-4. Displays good insight and sound judgment. Very non-confrontational attitude and behavior. He was admitted after a suicide attempt by his daughter. He has been in this facility for three days after being transferred from the ER after He tried to overdose with pills. When prompted to speak about his family, client became very withdrawn and secretive. When prompted to speak of his experiences, he gladly shares stories. He loves animals especially cats, and to occupy his time he enjoys reading books (the bible) and watching movies. Claims to have no prior history of smoking or substance abuse. 2. Description of environmental setting where interaction took place. Explain the reasons for a supportive or non-supportive environment. (e.g. noise, distractions, light, temperature, etc.) The meeting took place in the activity room. While the environment was rather loud and unfocused, K.K. stated that

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