Description Of The Paralegal Firm

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Table of Contents Registration of Business

Partnership Agreement

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Description of the Paralegal Firm:
1.2 Firm Goals and Strategy; including Mission Statement:
1.3 Partners and Key Staff:
1.4 Practice Areas and Specialities:
1.5 Unique Characteristics of the Firm:
1.6 Types of Clients to be Served:
1.7 Firm Economics and Profitability:
1.8 Financing Requirements: 2. The Market for Legal Services
2.1 The Local Economy and the Need for Legal Services
2.2 The Firm’s Marketing Plan
2.3 The Firm’s Practice Areas
2.4 The Firm’s Start-Up and Growth Strategy 3. Business Environment and Firm Personnel 4. Firm Economics


Executive Summary 1.1 Description of the Paralegal Firm:
RBF Paralegal Services LLP is a multi-jurisdiction boutique paralegal firm. RBF will service all needs generated in the areas of Employment law, Mediation services and Small Claims Court matters. The head office will be located in Whitby, Ontario. The business organization will be a Limited Liability as LLP’s have the simplicity of a sole proprietorship with the limited liability of a corporation. LLP’s are not subject to numerous technical rules as the only acts LLP’s follow are the Business Names Act and the Partnership Act. Each one of our partners will be personally responsible for their actions in the firm, which will include debts, liabilities and

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