Descriptive Essay About Alone

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Today seemed like fun, but when I walked out of the restroom it was the complete opposite. As I was tidying up, I waited for my cousin Jessica. I couldn’t help but stare outside of the enormous, clear windows of the mall where there was a gigantic water fountain, sparkly and clear. Waiting and staring, I realized that none of my other relatives were near me and my sister was gone. They probably wanted only me to stay with Jessica, I pondered, feeling like the victim because thinking of Jessica made me throw up inside. When I went into the restroom, I yelled, “Jessica! Are you in there?” No one replied. Where could she be? I started to crawl on the cold as ice floor that made me feel like I was in a freezer room, to look for my cousin’s shoes and legs. Jessica, the annoying, wild, teenage rebel, was probably just hiding from me. Every time I passed a stall, I would say to myself, “She’s probably in the other stall,” until there were no more stalls. I could barely breathe. Panicking and sweating, I walked out of the restroom and tried to think of places where my family could’ve gone to. When I exited the restroom and turned the corner, the hallway looked more like an abandoned ghost town. Fortunately, anyone who passed by me didn’t bother to care that I was alone. Then when I realized something, my heart sank. I had this hole in my heart that could never be replaced because I realized that I had slipped from their minds, being forgotten. Even my own
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