Descriptive Essay About Cafe Primo

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Café primo is an existing franchise for more than 25 years. With 20 restaurants across South Australia, café primo has exceeded expectations. Established in 1998, Dino and Lisa Vettese envisioned their brand to make an impact for generations to come. When arrived at the doors of café primo, we were greeted with a welcoming atmosphere. Conversations of people laughing were heard echoing throughout. The glass windows allowed the warm rays of sunshine in, adding a sense of happiness and calm environment. The layout of the restaurant was very simple, yet effective and was also easy to navigate. As we walked inside, we were greeted with a lovely young lady whose enthusiasm and energy were evident when she guided us to our table. With her charisma, a family type perception was felt, making our trip all the more enjoyable. The furniture throughout the restaurant complemented one another, enhancing the key attributes of the tables. The sun rays reflected against the white tables and walls, projecting light which enhanced all the attributes of the restaurant. The newly renovated menus were distributed amongst the class, along with cutlery and jugs of water. As I picked up the menu, the material of the paper was very smooth and comfortable to hold. The intricate details of the design on the cover and within was visually appealing, yet the simplistic font flowed across the pages and was easy to read. Everything was set out accordingly, it was a clear and crisp menu. After curiously

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