Descriptive Essay About Friends

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“Are we there yet?” I called from the back of our car, “Not yet bud.” my father yelled over the blasting radio. “Vroom, vroom, vroom.” the engine roared as my dad revved up the car. Every year we get in the car and we head to our cousins house in Utah. I was going to go get some snacks at the gas station. I didn’t even realize how sweaty my hands were until I touched the handle. I swiftly wiped my hands on my shorts and then hopped out of the car into the blazing hot outdoors. “Oh come on” I thought when I landed on the surprisingly hot concrete. I scrambled up and looked around to make sure none saw the embarrassing fall.

I was relieved when I looked up I realized that it was all a weird dream. My thoughts gathered as I remembered I was on my way to my cousins. I looked around and I saw that I was in our car parked in a driveway at a house I didn’t recognize. I was very wierded out until I concluded that we. were. here.

As I hopped out nothing happened and I pinched myself to make sure it was real. “All clear” I said to myself as I looked in the trunk and nothing was there. “Looks like everythings inside” I thought to myself. I dashed to the house and “Plop” I made when I faced planted onto the concrete. I didn’t care one bit about as I saw my cousins walking to me. I scrambled up and raced myself to them (Surprisingly I won). I gave them a big o´l Brayden Deluxe Hug and I’m going to be totally honest I might have accidentally squeezed all the air out of them.

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