Descriptive Essay About Friends

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It's always been a great feeling to know a lifetime friend will always be there. I found one, and fortunately, it was in my early days. As a child, both my parents worked full-time jobs in downtown Denver which, is an hour away from my house and school. At my elementary school, they offered a before and after school program called B.A.S.E., My parents decided to enroll me and my sister. A couple of hours before my official first day of kindergarten, I walked into B.A.S.E holding my father's hand in one hand and my brand new hello kitty water bottle in the other. At first, the room had a really heavy smell of Clorox and bleach. I walked up to the sign in counter nervously clutching my dad's hand. A strange man came up to me that had tattoos on his arms and piercings on his face and offered to instruct me on where and how to put my backpack away. I cautiously agreed. I always thought that people who had tattoos and piercings were bad people and I should stay away. I followed him and put my backpack away. I ran to my dad before he left, and gave him a great big hug. I tried not to cry, it was hard to resist. My dad left and I waved goodbye. The strange man asked if I wanted to play battleship. My inner momma bear came out and went into full protection mode of myself as a kindergartener. A couple of minutes later, we sat down at the brown country-style tables. We played for a little while and more kids, my age, came and started watching the game. The strange man

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