Good Friends Essay

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What is a friend? A friend is a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. Calling someone a friend is the second thing to calling someone family to me. A friend to me is someone that has been with you through good or bad times. This is important too because I think having good friend steer you into doing better things in life. You need good people like this in your people who make you better as a person. Let us talk about “Friends, Good Friends, and Such Good Friends.” Let us be honest we all have different kinds of friends that we like for different reasons. Some could be convenience friend where you only talk to them because you always seeing them and feels like they are friends. Two type of friends that are…show more content…
Ms. Viorst also talks about convenience friends in her essay. What is a convenience friend? Ms. Viorst says, “These are the women with whom, if our paths weren’t crossing all the time we’d have no particular reason to be friends.” Say if working at a mall or a supermarket and you see the women that sales jewelry in the middle of the mall every day and you both each lunch together. You usually eat only but today you do not want to so you sit beside her to start a conversation. You will think over time you will be close friends but you are not because you only friends because it benefits you not eating alone. Ms. Viorst said, “With convenience friends, ever come to close or tell too much.” This is important because this shows our boundaries with our convenience friend. For example, I had a friend that I worked with his name was Donta. We only spoke at work and he stayed up the street from each other. When we were working, we always talked about how we are sick of our job and were ready to quit knowing that both of us needed it. Another quote from the essay is “were pinched this month on money but never that I’m worried sick about money.” As I repeat, I think the boundaries separate our convenience friend. Donta and I never talked about personal stuff and we worked together three months. Sometimes I would hear him on the phone talking to his mother about a bill and what not and I ask how are things at home. He simply
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