Descriptive Essay About Goodbye Germany

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Goodbye Germany Driving to the airport in the middle of the night, not realizing I’m leaving home and saying bye to the women I love the most. Inside the airport I had a reality check and knew that I was on my own now. While walking through security I noticed my flight was already boarding so I had to cut in front of hundreds of people. After I passed the security, it hit me I would not see my mom for a long time. Barely making it on my eight hour flight, it got harder and harder thinking about being alone after all the great memories. On plane they offered movies, games, and music so I spent my time watching movies and eating. After the painful eight hours I walked around because of the hour and a half layover wait and not having anything to do, it seemed like the best thing to do. Making time fade away I got on my other flight from Detroit to Grand Forks. Texting my coach about the thirty minute delay, patiently waiting to arrive and starting my new life. Finally having arrived I met coach, he picked me up from Grand Forks and told stories and how things would be. Lost in the conversation I forgot I left home, Scott made feel welcomed. Being awake for twenty two hours really does exhaust someone.Coach Scott dropped me off at my dorm. I did not know that we would have to buy pillows and blankets so I slept with three hoodies. Waking up the next morning at four a.m due to the seven hour time difference. Later on that day coach picked me and my roommate up to go to

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