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I can see my short curls and round nose looking back at me in the reflection of the window while I listen to Spanish pop. Looking out, I see hundreds of people walking past each other, from teens dressed in jeans to adults in suits and blazers. There are nail salons, designer shoe stores, offices, all in the midst of these massive buildings. I’m on a DART train passing Downtown Dallas, on my way home from school. A few years ago, I didn’t even know about the different rails, but now I know my way around the entire city without using Google Maps, something I’m a little proud of. I’ve used it to go to work at Bed Bath & Beyond, my chess tournaments, school, the mall, vegetarian restaurants, and anything in-between. The reason might be because I can’t afford a car, my dad works all the time, and my sister took my mom’s car to her tiny town of San Angelo for college, but it doesn’t even matter because riding the train and running errands by myself has made me independent, plus it’s eco-friendly.
At home, my mom waits for me with one of my favorite meals ready- pozole. Of course I have to pick the meat out of it, but my mom just laughs and updates me of my sister’s life on living on a cow farm. Just kidding. I still don’t know why Angelo State appealed to her so much when we have grown up in the city but, it could not be me. Although our lives are different now, I cherish my childhood as well as the new things I experience now.
I grew up in a small close-knit apartment with my

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