Descriptive Essay About My Mandala

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My Mandala A Mandala is a circular design that is seen throughout many cultures around the world. It is a symbolic piece of art used for enlightenment, protection, healing, or something else depending on the culture. They are often made for meditation as well, and even deconstructed at the end. The Mandala I created expresses who I am. It spans from my hobbies and favorite places to my ethnicity. This Mandala has helped me to understand who I am, and how I’ve changed and grown throughout these 14 years. The middle of my Mandala represents the love I have for my family. The heart represents love, and the people circling it are my family, from both of my parents sides. I made it so that every family member was wearing a different colored shirt to represent diversity, and my grandfather and grandmother are wearing Disney merchandise because of their passion for Disney. My mom and her sister Zdanna are wearing matching necklaces, to represent their connection with each other, and they actually do have similar necklaces. The large portion on the left symbolizes how much I went to Disney World as a kid, and how I grew up watching Disney movies. I love watching the fireworks and Tinkerbell flying over the Magic Kingdom, so I drew those onto my mandala. The three people watching the fireworks are my mom, my dad, and me. I am on my dad’s shoulders because that is how I was able to see the princesses and villains performing above everybody. Once when I was 3 years old,

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