Descriptive Essay About My Mother

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Lesa Howard is a very soft spoken, caring and courageous woman. She doesn’t take anybody's crap and that’s what makes her, her. She has the most outrageously colorful personality of anybody I've ever met. I suppose I could say that's where I get it from. This woman is my mother. Better yet, she's my best friend, my mom and I have had our ups and downs, I mean who hasn’t? Since we are so alike, we butt heads a lot but I love her more than anything. She described it as "We're so similar that we have a great relationship and I can say what I mean honestly without making you mad." Growing up she was my rock. Especially my high school days, it was always so hard to fit in as a new freshman, even in college it doesn’t get any easier. She was …show more content…

While in Japan, its considered to be complimenting the chef on his product. I've personally never been to japan but my mom has first-hand seen this incredibly unique culture first had and defines it as "perfectly imperfect."
My mom stated, "Most of the food in Japan was comparable to ramen noodles here in the US." Which is actually very correct, Ramen is a very common food in Japan. But they add a twist and make them actual dishes, such as Shoyu. It’s a typical meal that you would see on almost every menu. It's made up of a clear, brown broth flavor with soy sauce. Typically added would be pork, beef or even fish depending what region you are in. Also, a very commonly associated food is rice. You have brown rice, white rice, multigrain rice and even glutinous rice. Common products you would see is rice wine to rice flour. You'll find rice in almost everything in Japan, such as sushi. There are countless types of sushi, seafoods mostly. One roll is called Norimaki, which is a roll made up of rice and seafood rolled into a dried seaweed sheet. They are commonly known for being prepared "inside out."
My mom was given 300 dollars in all for her trip to japan, she was super excited to go at first. Until a week before she was supposed to leave, she mentioned "a cult leader set off a gas bomb in the subway system, I was so afraid that would happen while we were there. Plus, while I was there, an earthquake took place." So that put a slight damper

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