Let Me Know You Essay

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Let Me Know You
My work “Let Me Know You” is a performance: without the audiences knowing what is going to happen, I sniff their body from toe to head like an animal, with no physical touching. The most of audiences feel uncomfortable during the performance, others, try to sniff me back at the same time.
Humans are commonly known to have five primary senses: sight, hearing, taste, touching and smell, governed by five important organs: eyes, ears, tongue, skin and nose. Smell is often ignored , though, it plays an important role in our daily life without people noticing it. The purpose of my performance is to remind people to explore all their senses, be more aware of the surroundings and their own body. I developed new respects on objects that we see daily, and grew more appreciations of human nature.
Scent takes a much important position in animal’s world. People who have pets often notice that cats take long time to find biscuits near their face. It is because their sights are bad in short distance, and they rely on nose to locate food; in the wild, big cats spray urine to make their territory, average 300 square kilometers; in the water, a shark can sense one drop of blood in a million drops of water; dogs smells each others’ anus at the first time they meet, they only shut down their tails to hide their odour when they are scared or dominated. Human, instead, are trying to conceal body odour as much as they can. Being “smelly” is seen as rude and insanitary. Shampoos

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