Descriptive Essay On A Dog

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Since the summer of 2009, I had a dog named Sammy. My dog was always following me around and enjoyed playing fetch and tug-of-war all the time. Although, my dog wasn’t always playful and friendly. Sammy would bark at anyone who passed by our door or our fence. He was a very protective dog was all, he wouldn’t mean any harm, until that day came.

It was in the school year of 2014. By this time, we had moved into a new house and had been in this new house for a year. Not very many people would come outside anymore so Sammy was even more suspicious about people walking past and coming to our door. One day, Sammy got loose in the front and started to run. There was a woman walking by and before she knew it, a set of teeth had just injected into her ankle. She immediately began to scream in pain as me and my mom came out to come get Sammy. I ran as fast as I could to pick him up, but he had run from me. I went back to help the woman get back on her feet. Her ankle was open as it was almost completely drenched in blood. My mom told me to go back inside and stay with my dad while she and the woman talked. I sat crying in my room as I felt bad for the woman who got bit. She didn’t mean any harm yet he still bit her. My mom came into my room, upset and filled with sorrow. She had some bad news to tell me and I wasn’t going to like them.

It had been about 4 hours since he ran off. I heard a slight scratching on the front door. I immediately went to go check what it
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