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Coffee Aya
Strip a coffee shop down to its bare essentials and you’ve got Coffee Aya. Rustic wooden furniture and potted flowers dot the year old establishment here and there, but for the most part, Coffee Aya is fitted out in coffee brewing essentials and not much else. Even though the shop is clean-lined and refreshingly uncluttered, the two-story shop far from boring.
The shop favors beans from Morph Coffee and does away with sweetened frappucinos and blends popular amongst the younger demographic – at Coffee Aya, it’s all about the basics. Its snacks and sweet treats take center stage with creations from Cotton & Tarlets and Surely Someday.
Stillness is what Coffee Aya is selling, but that doesn’t mean the shop is always static. The shop …show more content…

in the morning. Monks
Where Melbourne-style cafes have generally favored a laid-back and monochrome feel, Japananese-style cafes have made an artform of combining the old and new in such a way they blend seemlessly together. Enter Monks, one of the newest additions to Kelapa Gading’s rapidly developing coffee scene.
Taking inspirations from the land of the rising sun, decor is kept sleek and simple, with bursts of color thanks to the quirky neon signs that decorate its walls (which includes a waving Fortune Cat). The trend is further echoed in the shop’s furniture, crockery, and menu items – a fushion of Japanese and Western cuisines.
Of course, one comes to a coffee shop for the coffee, and Monks is sure to hook you up with the best of their own blends, or featured coffees from other well-known coffee shops. Instagram-worthy as its surroundings are, the piece de resistance may just be the sweet Kees van de Western espresso machine that just begs to have its photo taken. If you’re not a coffee drinker, fret not – their milkshakes and smooties alone are as good a reason as any to swing by East

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