Descriptive Essay On Square One

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About 2400 years ago, questions about the structure and existence of numbers started to pop in Ancient Civilizations. Most of them were answered by a philosophical figure well known for his mathematical philosophy and his allegory of the cave: Plato. Therefore, while analyzing Square One, we may choose to understand math through Plato’s eyes, and face a more metaphysical point of view. The ancient Greek scholar believed that numbers never fully existed in our world, but in a parallel reality outside of our measurements of time and space; describing them as not objects but abstract spheres. Thus, for me, Square One can be found in a protean presence, in an interpretation of the ultimate reality as stated by Plato, but also in a intrinsic concept of the being. …show more content…

Sesc’s atmosphere is filled with opening architecture and elongated Araucaria trees that fill the open air. It is a relaxing place with delightful sounds of birds that meet samba music in a unique tropical environment. Sesc is focused on educating children and provides free daily activities to 4-13-year-olds. Their fluid methodology influenced me to see the planet as this fantasy world to be discovered with curiosity and imagination.In essence, Sesc is my Square One.
In the allegory of the cave, Plato tells a story about three prisoners that are chained to a cave since birth and can only see the shadows of the real world. Once one of them frees himself and meet the real existence, he is enlighten with knowledge and consequently, create a more realist view of the world. Sesc was that light to my life, it builds the hunger to understand the diversity that sustains me now. Still, it is important to highlight how it disclosed the reality of

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