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I remember that day when I moved into that town. It was a fresh and clear day. The birds were singing and the sun was shining all over. I had unpacked and had decided to explore around the place. I went through the shops and the park, and there nothing interested me. I don’t know why but, nothing was interesting. I had walked around and I was pretty sure that I had seen something shimmering in the sunlight, but when I looked closer, it was gone. Now, I will tell you how I became this: a ghost. Over the next few days, I was well known with the town, but I had a funny way of seeing things. I always thought that something was following me around wherever I went, but whenever I turned, nothing was there. When I was at home alone, I would hear a banging sound, but when I went to investigate, there was nothing. I could also stare at a wall or something and find a difficult pattern, or even patterns in the ground. I could read those, and predict something, and usually that something would come true. A few nights later, something strange happened. I was sitting in bed, and was just thinking, when suddenly, I heard a voice in my head. I shook my head, but there was that voice again. It was deep but cool, and I grabbed my head and yelled. I started crying, thinking that I was going loopy, and fell asleep. It was strange, but stranger things were to come, of course. It all started when I was walking outside near a cave. The cave was cool, damp, and a perfect place for me to get away

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