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The airport terminal was quiet. Too early for travel. My mom sat on my right, and my dad on my left. The anticipation was like a heavy blanket, covering us, adding to the silence. My dad’s never been a big fan of travel, he tends to get antsy. He gets up to pace for the second time. Both my grandma’s are following him with their eyes. We still had an hour till we boarded, so there we sat. Waiting.
My brother and I’s relationship has always seemed to be different than most. I’d say we’re closer than most, understand each other better than our parents do. That being said, sitting in an airport with family just as anxious as me was an experience. Mitchell and I were not always so close. Being an entire five years apart, six grades apart, we definitely didn’t get along for a long time. Although, once he left for college things changed. I’m still unsure if it was because I’d hit a point of maturity or if it was because we no longer had to shower. Either way, from then on we had each other’s back. Having someone that you know you can go to for anything (With the understanding there is a heavy possibility of being called stupid) is comforting, as if it were my safety net. That is, until he decided to join the Navy. Upon leaving for Officer Candidate School, the family dynamic had a serious change. He went to a place that was a mother’s (especially Jodi’s) worst nightmare. She wasn’t able to contact him as she pleased or be a driving distance away. She clung to the pictures she

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