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It has been six very long days, I cannot wait any longer for the chapter to be uploaded, I am both excited and exhausted. The days usually pass me by finding new short stories to read, which for the most part lasts a day or more. Then I am back to finding new stories and I always find some good ones, because of the several genres that are on the website. The website is called Wattpad. It is where my favorite writer can make his talent shine. The website is where the youngsters and college students get their best drafts up on the website for the readers to enjoy and as the time passes the writers grow into their best version of themselves in the writing department. The writers are mostly college students and High Schoolers that have a love for writing. The books have many genres but my interest will always be in the romance books. The romance genre is popular since it's mostly teenagers that are acquainted with Wattpad. Even though the romance books can get a little repetitive I love how the plots are always twisted to the author's liking. The books are rarely complete mostly, because of the authors' lifestyle, whether they have too much to do in school or their interest goes to another story they have been writing. The incompleteness irks me since that means I would not know what is going to happen. I try to stay away from the unfinished tales, nevertheless, I end up with one in my reading list anyway. The story I am currently interested in is incomplete, that is only
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