Designing A Multimedia Design Degree

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As a multimedia designer, I’ve often struggled to clearly define my design influences. While “design” (especially any form of graphic design) is traditionally related to print mediums, I was heavily influenced, as a child and young adult, by classic cinema. Additionally, I’ve always been very musically inclined, and as a result of this I usually seek to infuse my work with some form of harmony and rhythm. As one could imagine, this has created a sort of identity crisis – I had a desire to take both music and design classes in college, however a two-year degree does not easily facilitate this. Choosing a multimedia design degree over music was a difficult decision; however, it was not a process whereby I concluded “I’ll just have to design graphics, oh well.” Rather, this new field of study helped me to channel a creative side of myself that I had not fully understood before, and also through understanding of my core interests, it helped me to be able to continue to produce works that were not just technically correct, but also pleasing to me. While these aforementioned interests represent my greatest contemporary influences, to truly understand exactly who I am today as an artist and designer I would not be amiss to speak for a moment on my childhood. Looking back, it is now quite obvious what my interests were, but in those critical years before college I definitely struggled to define those things. Further back, I recall that as a small child I adored coloring and creating

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