Graphic Design Research Paper

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Designing is the new Writing Digital image processing or “Photoshopping” has been so popular that when someone manipulates images using computers or smartphones, they will use the term “photoshopping” without using the actual program where the word was derived from-- Photoshop. Often, people think that graphic designing is just creating art. However, graphic designing is such a pretty broad topic that designing is just a part of the profession. Digital processors, web, logo and broadcast designers, illustrators, animators, art directors, and visual journalists are some of the specific professions that falls under graphic designing. Designers need to take into consideration who their audience is and what their clients wants while maintain the visual elements and rhetoric appeals that they want to put in to their work. They are experts on conveying messages through the use of visual element using different ways. However, as opposed to the common belief, graphic designing is not just about designing, but also about writing. Writing is mostly emphasized as a form of communication, information in an infographic, website or syllabi and designs such as typographies. To elaborate on what graphic designing is, I have interviewed one of my former digital image processing and web design teacher at Warren Mott High School, Angela Kourtakis. Kourtakis handles a school website and acts as overseer of all the webpages created and design by her students while teaching at the same time.

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