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Title 1 ABSTRACT To take advantage of this template’s design, use the Styles gallery on the Home tab. You can format your headings by using heading styles, or highlight important text using other styles, like Emphasis and Intense Quote. These styles come in formatted to look great and work together to help communicate your ideas. Go ahead and get started. 2 INTRODUCTION 2.1 ETHICAL HACKING Ethical hacking is the view of the IT infrastructure of an organization through the eyes of a hacker. The aim is to test the strength of the protection of the target. Ethical hacking is usually done on the basis of pre-agreed agreements on how to deal with the vulnerabilities found. This can vary from just a reporting up to the actual exploit or fix the leak. 2.2 PHASES OF HACKING • Foot Print • Scanning • Enumeration • Access • erase Tracks • Create Backdoors 2.2.1 Foot Print The purpose of foot print is to obtain general information about a target through public information on websites, directories, the Yellow Pages. Useful information include names and addresses of employees, phone numbers, job titles and organization charts. This information will be used for the hack itself or for social engineering. Foot print is about information gathering of the potential target e.g, address and name data. The collection of information is essential prior to the hack operation. It is important to make sure that nothing is overlooked. The techniques that are used for information gathering are

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