Designing a New Programming Language

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The objective of this project is to design a programing language by using basic common qualities from two different programing languages. This presentation should illustrate the features of the various programing languages currently used in the industry and this common capabilities. The constant of this experiment is the comparison and use object oriented programing languages. After analysis create a programing language with the same structures and variables. Further define the classes of the language such as its attributes and characteristics. The language executed basic algorithmic solutions. Therefore when I created controls and data structures also finding means to express algorithms I was able to create a programing language. The variables in this projects were the stored values such as strings and integers. If I was to do this experiment in the future or expand on this experiment I would define and organize my experimental data structures differently.
A programming language is an artificial language which gives instruction that is carried out by a computer. The researcher chose this project to understand and learn about Programming language design, structure and computer software development. The researcher wanted to find out how object oriented programing languages work, their processing, how they are designed to complete tasks and how they affect the software development. In his investigation, he researched the basic common qualities of an object oriented programs

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