Software Engineering

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Introduction to Software Engineering Somnuk Keretho, Assistant Professor Department of Computer Engineering Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University Email: URL: Somnuk Keretho/Kasetsart University Outline of this presentation • • • • • • Scope of Software Engineering Object-Oriented Software Development Software Process Software Life-Cycle Models Object Orientation Software Quality Assessment Reference to Chapter 1/2/3 of “Software Engineering with JAVA”, S.R. Schach, McGraw-Hill, 1997. Somnuk Keretho/Kasetsart University 2 Scope of Software Engineering • Software engineering is a discipline whose aim is the production of fault-free software, that…show more content…
– Object-Oriented Paradigm • An object is a unified software component that incorporates both data and actions that operate of those data. Somnuk Keretho/Kasetsart University 10 Scope of Software Engineering Structured Paradigm Object-Oriented Paradigm • Requirement Phase • Specification (Analysis) Phase • Requirement Phase • Object-Oriented Analysis Phase • Planning Phase • Object-Oriented Design Phase • Object-Oriented Programming Phase • Integration Phase • Maintenance Phase • Retirement • Planning Phase • Design Phase • Implementation Phase • Integration Phase • Maintenance Phase • Retirement Comparison of life cycles of structures paradigm and object-oriented paradigm. Somnuk Keretho/Kasetsart University 11 Object-Oriented Software Development • Three key words. – Software – Development – Object Orientation • Let us look at each in turn Somnuk Keretho/Kasetsart University 12 Software • Programs • Documentation during the development of programs (e.g. specification) • Primary aids for running the programs (e.g. user manuals) • Secondary aids for running the programs (e.g. key boards overlays) Software is not just programs! Somnuk Keretho/Kasetsart University 13 Software Life Cycle • • • • • Software is like
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