Desire to Study Industrial Engineering in Operations Research and Information Systems

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My undergraduate years as a mechanical major had successfully provided me a solid foundation in technical areas and quantitative methods. I wish to further develop my skills and broaden my knowledge in Industrial Engineering, particularly in the advanced studies based on Operations Research & Information Systems. By applying cross-disciplinary approach in solving complex engineering problems with specific technical aspects and through analysis of managerial and economic factors, I will prepare myself to serve as an efficient industrial engineer or manager for business in the global arena.
The courses during my undergraduate studies taught me the basic engineering concepts in theory and practice. I chose an assortment of courses which …show more content…

Kiran D Mali enhanced my knowledge in experiments. Working in a laboratory environment has strengthened my concepts in engineering statistics and optimization. Evaluating of Risk & Reliability of a system, Using Analysis-of-Variance techniques to optimize the system performance has been a strong value-addition to me through this experience. I got a chance to intern with TATA Johnson Controls Ltd, Pune an auto-ancillary company which is into manufacturing seating systems. It was during this six-month internship period I gained invaluable exposure to industrial processes. I have led projects in Supply Chain Management under the guidance of General Manager-Operations. Rigorous study and efforts in this direction with the application of optimization techniques enabled me to put forward proposals using Value Analysis/Value Engineering process.. By using the data from SAP ERP and thorough analysis using spreadsheets, I have arrived at both long-term and short-term proposals to make sure maximum productivity and cost-efficiency are achieved. The implementation culminated with an overall reduction in the shift-load besides significant cost saving.
The internship experience in a way further motivated me to work on industrial processes. After graduation, I began working as a Business Analyst serving in Automotive Retail Industry (Hyundai). This industry presented a huge operations challenge in addition to the enormous complexity of the economic and market

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