Determinants Of A College Basketball Team

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Determinants of a college basketball team’s revenue 08/15/2014 Nils Weddig, Siena College, USA Abstract This paper shows empirical evidence of how a men’s college basketball program’s revenue is affected by several determinants. Results are being taken out of sample data from the past eight basketball seasons. The most important determinants considering a college basketball team’s revenue include advertising, ticket pricing, performance during the previous season as well as the past three games, performance of a local rival’s program in the previous season, quality of opponents faced, time of the event, and the Gross State Product. This article evaluates the listed determinants on the basis of a regression analysis to provide…show more content…
College basketball is one of the most popular college sports to attend and to watch. The evaluated college is compared to other Division 1 programs a smaller college. However, their basketball team is still very competitive and has appeared in eleven national tournaments, six of which have been at the NCAA tournament. Over the past decade the program has seen a lot of success but they have also battled many hardships. Even though the success of the team has changed throughout the years the one thing that has never changed is the support from the students, alumni, faculty, and the community. At every home game the arena is filled with students, alumni, faculty, as well as the local community that attend to watch great basketball and support their favorite team. In this research article we are going to analyze how the program’s revenue is affected by different determinants. Collecting data of past ticket sales, pricing of the tickets, as well as the attendance for each game will enable us to determine the amount of revenue generated from this program. Some determinants that we are going to consider are the advertisement expenses for each game, the opponent’s team quality, the performance of the crosstown rival’s basketball program, whether the games are being held during the week or on weekends as well as the time of the game, and finally a demographic factor, the Gross State
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