Determine the World for Yourself

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I believe what Thayer means when he states this is that explanations from others is a trap, because no one should determine the world for you. It is up to you to find the answers. For example, in today’s generation the media does a lot of thinking for people. It is consuming much of what is out there for people to believe. From how we act, to the way we think, dress, or even the way we talk. We don’t understand much because we let other do the thinking for us. In order to understand others we first have to understand ourselves. Once we understand ourselves, we then can understand and be understood by others. I am a Christian, and I believe in God always. I do understand that there are thousands of religions and some people may not even be…show more content…
We invent our explanations, and then they invent us. It is a book about how we create our virtual worlds – the habitat of our minds – by how we explain things. It is a book about how our explanations get embedded in the stories we tell and ingest – from gossip to advertising to the pernicious “social media.” It is a book about how everything we say or do or have is an explanation. Whatever we say or do or buy explains who we are. We multifariously explain ourselves to ourselves and to others. We talk, we daydream, we do, we feel: all evolves from how we explain things. Our explanations are the seeds from which everything human and social sprouts and evolves. They are the sources and the sinks of how we live our lives. It is a book that offers a non biological and thus a superior theory of the human trajectory, of specifically human and social evolution. We have turned our lives over to our pundits our “experts,” our celebrities, our advertisers and entertainers. We invite them to tell us what’s what, and how to live. They are our predators. We are their prey. It is an unprecedented change for civilization. As our lives go, so goes our civilization. We evolve out of our explanations of things. But to what end? Everything is deserving of an explanation. Thayer says that it is dangerous. I think we should just accept what is, and use that to shape our culture. There is no wrong or
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