Developing A Culture Within An Organization Essay

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Developing a culture within an organization is very important. The culture of the workplace can control the way employers behave amongst each other, customers, and those outside of the organization. Every organization has its very own unique style or working that often contributes to its culture. The values, beliefs, and principles of an organization helps form its culture. Having a healthy culture is very important and encourages the employers to become motivated and loyal to the company and management. Having a healthy culture can also promote competition. Employers within a company love to be recognized for all their hard work and be shown that they are appreciated by their supervisors. For everything to flow accordingly, there must be set guidelines, rules, and regulations for the employers to work accordingly. These rules and regulations are put in place to help guide the employers in the right direction, and to be clear that everyone knows their role in the organization. It is imperative that employers know how to accomplish tasks and goals in the beginning.
No two organizations have the same work culture however they may share some things in common. The culture of an organization is what makes it different and unique. It helps us distinguish one organization from another. The work culture ultimately creates a brand and a name for the organization. One of the goals within a work culture is to bring employers together and make them feel as if they are being treated

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