Developing A Strong Ethical Program

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As a Human Resources professional there is one part of your job, which lacks a sufficient amount of training, but is essential for you to perform every aspect of the job. Most companies assume that you have a clear understanding of what is acceptable or expected when it comes to ethics values. It 's not always the case, basically, when you take a human resource position you are taking responsibility to direct the company in making ethical decisions and actions. This can take a variety of forms, we tend to allow our personal beliefs and ethics guide us and our decisions. Although this is a good place to start, we must remember that we deal with numerous beliefs, and a diverse workforce. Additionally, the responsibility to build credible and ethical relationships are not only within the organization, but also with the business community and the customer base. The aim of developing a strong ethical program is to identify both the rules that should govern people’s behavior who are engaged with work activities and to enhance the credibility and the value of the human resource department. There are a few simple steps to implementing a code of conduct and ethical policies 1. Promote policies to help ensure fair treatment and to help the management team build credibility through ethics and code of conduct guidelines. 2. One of the first things I suggest to a new HR manager is to spend as much time as possible introducing yourself to employees, at all levels.

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