Developing And Implementing Strategies For Establish Parent Involvement

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One framework used to facilitate teachers in developing and implementing strategies to establish parent involvement is known as BRIDGES; BRIDGES stands for Build, Recruit, Individualize, Dialogue, Generate, Empower, and Strengthen. During the building stage, teachers establish meaningful connections with parents based on the foundation of trust and understanding. These meaningful connections can be made through monthly newsletter, weekly progress reports, utilizing a communication log, and soliciting parent feedback. Staples and Dilierto (2010) suggested developing a communication system that included daily parent-teacher journal, weekly newsletters, monthly phone calls, and quarterly IEP related activities (p. 60). During the recruit stage, teachers survey parents to gather information and parent by-in. Sawyer (2015) suggested if all parents have computer and internet access to create a class web page and forum where parents can ask questions and make comments regarding class activities and school events (p. 173). Also during the recruit stage, teachers will need to gather information regarding parent communication needs: test message, email, phone, and in person preferences (Sawyer, 2015, p. 174; Staples & Diliberto, 2010, p. 60). Effective communication and collaboration strategies to promote partnerships with families and provide comprehensive support for students was also supported in the article “Teachers + Families = Success for All Students” (Ludlow, 2012, p. 4).
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