Developing Positive Relationships with Our Young Essay

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Develop positive relationships with children and young people (CU1522) - 8: Explain why positive relationships with children and young people are important and how these are built and maintained? Positive relationships with children and young people are important because children will feel comfortable with the practitioners and can separate more easily from their parents. If the children feel secure and use to their surroundings, they are more likely to join in playtimes and learning activities. Children will feel secure and at ease which will help them to enjoy themselves at nursery. Children’s language develops more quickly as the children feel confident and comfortable. In relation to positive relationship, staffs having a positive …show more content…

Why is not effective? Regarding my own effectiveness in building relationships with children and young people, I interact with children to get to know them more and involve in their play so the children feel comfortable around their surroundings. When children are doing various types of activities, encouraging and enabling them to do it by themselves is essential. If they cannot do it they are to go and ask for help rather than the staff automatically doing it for them, as staffs need to make children dependent on themselves. 10: (a) How do you promote positive relationships with parents and why is it important to establish this relationship? Making positive relationships with parents/carers is a very important thing in relation to the care of their child. This is because the parents will be able to trust staffs and feel at ease that their children are in a secure place. If staffs are able to build positive relationships with parents, they will share information honestly and make be easier for them to interact. Another positive thing is that parents will take an interest in what their child is learning within the nursery. In order to maintain a positive relationship you need to keep doing all the positive things you did to build up a progressive relationship. There are many ways to promote positive relationships with parents and carers. These include; communicating effectively, being open and friendly with the family,

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