Developing Technology Into The Classroom

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In the world of education, educators ought to be growing and learning right along with their students. In order to develop meaningful learning experiences and curriculum that challenges students, teachers must set objectives and goals that not only meet state standards but involve the incorporating of new emerging technologies. Goals need to be directed towards programmatic outcomes and long term learning for both the student and the educator. In this paper we will go further in depth on how one can reach their goals of one, growing in the field of education by staying current with emerging technologies and acknowledging the skills necessary to implement technology into the profession of education. Investing in the teacher’s professional development in regards to technology. And secondly, becoming a technology leader on campus helping those individuals resistant to change.

Think that the integration of technology into the classroom will merely cause a distraction to students or marginalize educators? You’d be pleasantly surprised to find out the since students already express interest and are engaged in technology, that teacher can take this as an opportunity to harness said attention for educational purposes. The incorporation of tablets, smartphones, apps, laptops, smart boards, and the internet into curriculum serve many benefits for the students and the educator alike. Let us look at a few approaches and benefits to having technology present on your campuses and in

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