Developing a Model

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Introduction ThyssenKrupp Ag employs 17,000 employees in 80 countries that are passionate and are experts in developing solution for sustainable progress. The company manages global growth with innovations and technical progress along with using finite resources in a sustainable way. ThyssenKrupp pushes the company to evolve which helps them to meet global challenges of the future with their innovation solutions. The company’s main activities are the development and marketing of people moving equipments, so they have been invited to submit a proposal for the development and installation of a series of cycle trains for a new airport terminal. These trains will be designed to carry out the same job such as the capacity/load, distance…show more content…
Ho is equal to B1 = 0 and Ha is equal to B1 ≠0. We will reject Ho if the F value is greater than or equal to F alpha. Since the F value is equal to 278.72 and is greater F alpha, we reject Ho and conclude that a significant relationship exists between the time and passengers. 4.38 278.72 Part 2 We’ve realized that during the presentation, we have left out an important element that contributed to weight which was the passenger’s “luggage”, each with two pieces weighing fifty pounds each. At this time we now go back and factor that element into the model. While inputting the data for the passenger luggage, we’ve encounter that the luggage variables is highly correlated with the passenger variables which is automatically removed from the model equation and now left with the original model from the beginning. As we continue from the previous model, we can see that one of the residual number is greater than two, meaning that there's an outlier. The Residual also represent the distance between the actual y and the regression line. Recommendation My recommendation to the Tradier Company would be that it is evident that both the location and method of shipping has been seen to be the problem. With sufficient evidence to confirm that there was an interaction of both the location and the method therefore, the problem is both external and internal. I would recommend that the methods of
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