Development Of A Service Innovation

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The aim of the report is to discuss the development of a service innovation in a hospital care setting.
Therefore the innovation being introduced in the report will focus on the pain management tool for assessing chronic conditions in service users with dementia in hospital settings. As pain is a very subjective experience it is important that the tool is specifically based on the individual’s own way of expressing and communicating their pain in relation to their chronic conditions.

The first section of this report will review and evaluate a body of evidence to support the development of the pain management tool by looking at the subject of the change management proposal, the relevant stake holders and the change agent to support the change. Secondly the report will focus on theories and strategies to management of change by using change management model and explaining the process of it. Thirdly the issues and experience of being a team member in the development of the service improvement proposal will be reflected and also explore the dynamics of the team. Lastly for the transition from student nurse to registered nurse, based on the findings from the evaluation of personal performance further development will be discussed identifying the leadership skills needed and design an action plan which includes outcomes and how these outcomes will be measured.

The aim of the change is to:

• Identify and recognise pain for dementia patients with chronic
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