Development Of Apple Phones : Apple Inc.

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Development of Apple Phones Pratik Kumar Parekh DeVry University ENGL112 Composition Professor Lawrence Gorman Digital gadgets like mobile phone, T.V, computers and tablets make a great deal of interest in the present world. I am talking about the brand company Apple Inc., Apple has lots of electronic gadgets in the market now, but Apple Inc. is also looking at becoming a cellular service provider. The reports mention that Apple Inc. to possibly sell wireless services directly to its customers by making arrangements with mobile carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint (Weiss,2015). Moreover, Apple could do to revitalize the iPad business, Apple reduces the price in India and another country for their one product which is iPad mini 3 to boost their business. Apple is the most successful company in the present time there is many reason behind of it but the main reasons are best customer service, Apple always stay ahead of its competitor and its agenda is make things simple ( Bajarin, 2012). People do like Apple products because of the technology which it has, easy to use, and especially customer service. One can say that Apple has a great technology in their products, Apple makes new products if it’s can do better. Apple always make batter that’s why competitor scares most ( Bajarin, 2012). Apple start with their first product Apple 1, from that day Apple always make something different in their new products. Apple target the youngster beacause youngster like

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