Development Of Life On Earth

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There are too many variables to replicate the development of life on earth. The variables need to replicate the development of life on earth are the relationships between the conditions on early earth and the origin of organic molecules, the changes in technology that have assisted in the development of an increasing understanding of the origin of life and evolution of living things, the major stages in the evolution of living things, and the palaeontological and geological evidence that suggests when life originated on earth.

The Earth 's age is approximately 4.6 billion years old. The Hadean Eon was the formation of the Earth. The Earth was transformed from a gaseous cloud into a solid body. The heavy molten iron sank down and became …show more content…

Ultraviolet light would have easily reached the Earths surface due to having no ozone layer existing. At this stage this would have allowed organic molecules to form in the lower atmosphere or the Earths surface. The stages of the Earths development consisted of:
Dense clouds of water formed in the atmosphere, which reflects the sun’s heat
• Earth cooled sufficiently to allow for the formation of a rocky crust.
• Volcanic gas eruptions increased the air pressure, forming clouds which allowed for the water vapour to condense and fall as rain.
• Water would have absorbed a lot of the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere due to solubility.
• The cooling process by the rain continued until the Earth was cool enough to allow for the formation of rivers and oceans.
• Heat was dissipated into space, causing a more solid crust to form
• From then on, the process of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide was occurring – ie transferring it into rocks like limestone.
The conditions on early Earth consisted of large amounts of volcanic activity; heat, ash, dust and gases in the atmosphere, anoxic, massive oceans existed but only small land masses above the water surface, no ozone layer and violent electrical storms were common. There is evidence shown that the Earth contained inorganic molecules during this time. As a result

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