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Development of BMW into the leading car company in the UK for luxury class cars

The following report will examine the story of the German car producer BMW. Initiating from its inception to the modern day where BMW is a multinational concern. This report will highlight the internal and external circumstances to which BMW owes its current place as market leader for luxury cars in the UK.
The subsequent analysis is based exclusively on sources collated from secondary research data. Research data consisted of chronicles and literature from BMW, domestic and foreign journals, marketing and market statistics, as well as published company reports. To reveal the success story of BMW, we will explore the concern with
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For this purpose we will compare the company by means of quantitative data with their competitors and provide suggestions to modify the company’s situation.

2. BMW in the UK

2.a The Company

To be able to understand the strategic position of BMW and its subsidiaries and to analyse it later on, it is important to know exactly the eligible market sector. Therefore we must analyse the company and their Strategic Business Area (SBA).

BMW is represented with 35 different models within the international car market. They are covering amongst others the compact car segment with their BMW 1 series. With the BMW 3 series and 5 series they also act inside the medium class car segment. The luxury class is served by the BMW 6 and 7 series. BMW also acts among the SUV car segment by offering 5 different models for their customers.
The market for low-emission, electrical- and hybrid cars is covered with the I3 and the I8, both from BMW (BMW Group, 2014).

2.b The UK Car Market
We will narrow the market to Great Britain to have a precise look upon the company and to analyse it more closely.
For a better illustration of the market shares from BMW and their competitors you may have a look at the following pie chart.

Figure 1: Auto Manufacturer Market Share in the UK January 2012 (GoodCarBadCar 2012)
The chart illustrates the UK car market as of

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