Dhcp Server Experience A Critical Failure

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DHCP Implementation DHCP implementation is an important aspect to address as it is necessary for all clients on the network to ensure they can properly connect and communicate with internal and external resources. Each individual site will be configured with a DHCP server that provides a unique address to each client. In addition, each site will be configured with a different network address to facilitate communication between all of the sites. To provide DHCP fault tolerance, DHCP servers will be configured to utilize the DHCP failover feature available in Server 2012. This feature allows clients to renew their address lease should the DHCP server experience a critical failure. If the main DHCP server becomes unavailable, the other …show more content…

Another negative to think about would be virtual server sprawl, which is when the ease of creating a VM results in a glut of new and cloned VM’s. This can create management and storage difficulties. Other potential negatives are performance degradation from overutilizing resources, the time and investment to train staff to manage the new environment, and potential incompatibilities with legacy applications (4sysops, 2016). While these are valid concerns that should be considered, the benefits of virtualization far outweigh the negatives in most situations. This is especially true when the deployment is well thought, configured, and maintained correctly. A properly designed and implemented virtual environment can save money on future hardware costs by consolidating resources. It also provides an excellent way to provide redundancy to critical servers and applications. One of, if not the biggest advantage, however, would have to be the ease and speed of deployment. This brings a level of simplification to IT management that simply does not exist in an environment with physical machines. Other advantages include lower power consumption, ease of creating test environments, and improved disaster recovery abilities (InfoWorld, 2011). Specifically, Kris Corporation will benefit from many of these advantages. Having less hardware on site will allow the Atlanta location to keep all the current functionality it has today, while saving

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