Dia Baggage Handling System Research Essay

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DIA Baggage Handling System Research Paper The Automated BAE Baggage Handling System is one of the best illustrations of how ineffective decision-making, and arbitrary project management can lead to one of the largest economical disasters in the history of airport handling systems. The case study Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System – An Illustration of Ineffectual Decision Making, illustrates how the DIA Project Management team fails to plan an efficient system where technological advances in baggage handling systems can be implemented. The DIA and the Boeing Airport Equipment Automated Systems Incorporated (BAE) underestimation of the baggage handling system led to a lack of risk management. This research paper address the influence on technology on the BAE Handling system, the information that was available to the BAE project manager, major decisions that was made by the DIA project management team, the consequences of those decisions, and how I would have approached this project as a Project Manager (PM). Those of the BAE and the DIA project management team mainly implemented the major influences that surround the understatement of technology. The airports chief engineer Walter Slinger had made uneducated decisions that set the course of this project toward failure. One influence of Slinger is that he is reported to have been a hands-on leader who liked to solve problems himself, as such Slinger may have inclined to make decisions on his own rather
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